The Right Flooring for Each Room

The floor may not be the first thing you notice, but it will most certainly be something your body subconsciously appreciates. The floor you choose can have a significant impact on your feet, but it can also help tie two rooms together or provide a contrast for a carefully selected room design. There are typically so many aspects of a room addition or remodel that flooring can sometimes get left out, forgotten or pushed aside. In order to have a floor that doesn’t look like an after thought, incorporate your flooring ideas in the planning stages.

Wood flooring

Wood has been used for flooring for ages because it’s versatile, attractive and convenient. Wood can make any room feel warm and more comfortable but can also look very modern to match a wide variety of decor styles. Wood flooring can even be a decoration piece itself, whether you opt for a dark hardwood like cherry or a lighter wood like oak, as the color and finish of your wood floor can be offset by Wood flooring is typically easy to clean, easy to maintain, and resistant to scratches and dents, unlike many synthetic floors. Plus, by combining an area rug or small carpet with your wood floor you can both protect the wood from furniture and add to the style of any room.

Bamboo Flooring

One of the fastest growing segments of home flooring is bamboo. Because bamboo is part of the grass family rather than the tree family it grows quickly, making it a much more sustainable option than true hardwood. In fact, bamboo plants are fully mature within 3-4 years while most hardwoods take at least 20 and up to over 100 years to fully mature, making hardwood a less sustainable option. Bamboo is an ideal choice for flooring in any room of the house because it mimics the look and feel of traditional hardwood, adding the right touch of class to any room, while giving the environmentally conscious homeowner a stylish way to satisfy the conscience.

Tile Flooring

One of the most common flooring types is tile, partially because tile is appropriate in any room of the house. Tile doesn’t have the same problems with water, making it ideal in kitchens and bathrooms, and you can select from an expansive variety of styles and designs (or even design your own pattern) to suit any room. Tiles create a smooth surface and when professionally sealed with grout are easy to clean and maintain.