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The Best Chinese Tea to Add Philosophy to Your Life

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China has been known as a home for tea. Drinking tea, by no means, could bring refreshment for both our physical and emotional state. Tea has long been defined as more than just a simple drinkable beverage. To drink it as a habit could eventually bring benefits to our body including the never ending positive effect to our health and bring calmness and tranquility to our lives.

If you want to add a sip of tea to your daily, these are some aspects you should pay attention in order to get the most from your tea drinking.


Tea is available in color. To have the best pick, try to get those who come with fresh pleasing light or dark green. The fresh vitality in this type of tea is the one that contribute to make you stay healthy. Those who are in dark brown or even black color (except for black tea) are largely the product of oxidized, in which it doesn’t contain the same extract like the fresh ones.


The stronger the fragrance, the better the quality of the tea. A good tea is determined by either refreshing fragrance, rich fragrance, or sweet fragrance. If you find such tea with weak smell and it merely comes from the astringent or the burning effect, then it is not the good one.


A good tea, like green tea, has such bitter taste at its first sip, but gradually turn into something sweet and fresh spreading all over your palate. This memorable aftertaste is considered as the main reasons why people like drinking tea. Spend your afternoon enjoying your tea that is served in Christofle china will definitely add philosophy to your life.

Place of Origin

Tea can grow differently based on the place it is cultivated. To give you information, Fujian Province in Japan is a great example of place of origin also determine the quality of the tea.

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